Support for our SAS Webmail Services

Below are the steps required to login to our SAS Webmail Service. If you have questions or problems that are not address below, please reach out to us. We will be happy to help get you up and running.

1. Point your browser to the SAS Webmail URL.

Here is our default SAS Webmail URL:

If you have a domain hosted with us, you can use your own domain name URL, with the “/webmail” appended to the end for SAS Webmail access.

2. Login using your @ and password.

You must enter your username, as <username>@<domainname>, where your domain name is like ‘’.  If we are hosting your web-site or your email domain, use that domainname.  An example is ‘’.

3. You're in your Inbox!

If you had no issues logging in, you should be presented with your Inbox, in the SAS Webmail interface.  Congratulations!  Please let us know how you like it, or if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.

4. Can't get into SAS Webmail? We are sorry for the trouble. Try this...

Try refreshing your browser on the login URL:, by hitting Ctrl-F5 on a Windows or Linux system, and Cmd-R on a Mac.  Then enter your username and password again.

Still no luck?  Do you need your email password reset?  Please contact us at, or by calling us at 817-986-8359.  (We currently do not have a way for you to reset you email password online. However we are working on that functionality, and hope to have it available soon.)